Thursday, March 12, 2009

Store Gush: Pier 1 Imports

I love Pier 1. I love it. I could drop many thousands of bills there easily.

For a few years now, my love has kind of waned, but in the last 2 months or so, my love has increased hugely!!!
I regularly cruise the website for ideas, inspiration and just to ogle.
Some of my recent purchases include:

The Siam stool. I'd been looking at this online for a while, and when I stopped by this past weekend and it was on clearance and was the last one in store, I had to snag it. Fortunately (not that it would have mattered, honestly-I love it that much), hubs came home and almost immediately took it in and commented how much he liked it. Score! (I liked it so much, I hit up the Merivale location for a second one on Sunday)

A large green vase. The back one in particular. Same deal-I was at the Centrum location (the best in Ottawa by far!) and it was the last one and on clearance. It was full of fake flowers & branches, so I didn't want to bother a salesperson, so I looked at all the other similar ones. But this was the one I wanted, so I got it. Again-hubs loved it. It's now filled with Ikea branches.

New papasan cushion. I've had a papasan chair for a few years now, and it's always had a faded blue, denim-looking cushion. Suitable at the time I got it for Christmas from my mom & dad. A little out of date now, and with a few unfortunate stains from having to bleach out cat pee stains. I replaced it with a lovely brown cushion now though. On sale!

And here are some items on my wish list:

A large rattan basket. Particularly the one on the left. It's about 4' high and would look fantastic (I think) in our front entrance filled with the rest of the sticks not used in the green vase.

Glass Apothecary Jars. I'd love to bring a few of these into our ensuite bathroom to store q-tips, cotton balls, etc. The ones currently at Pier 1, though are pretty friggin huge, so I'll have to wait until there are small ones around.

Jute Rug. We really need some area rugs to break up the dark wood in our main living spaces. As much as I'd love to have a patterned rug in there, it's just not us. Plus, a jute rug would hold less cat hair than a wool, cotton or poly rug (I think), so it would be better for the air quality in our house.

Here are my new purchases in action:

Window Coverings? Area rugs? Art on the wall?
Apparently they can wait. I've clearly got other things on the brain.

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