Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear Target;

Originally Posted: March 6, 2009

Please come to Canada.
Or, if you cannot, please readdress your shipping policy and allow for international orders.

Your selection is second to none and, even factoring in the current shitty Canadian exchange rate, your prices are tough to beat. Every American I know (or read, more accurately) regularly raves about you. My sister who lived in Mexico would travel to Texas almost solely for you. It's really just a tease, and no one likes a tease.

Here are a few of my reasons (in no particular order):

This side table is what directed me to your site initially this week. While browsing This Young House, I saw it on a mood board and fell from the start. I've looked at local stores as well as online ones and haven't been able to find anything like it.

I have been trying to find beige or cream or light grey parsons chairs for about 4-5 months. They are hard to find at any price range, let alone mine. have several variations, all lovely, all at beyond reasonable prices.

We've been looking for accent slipper chairs for quite some time now. Although I was first drawn to the Pottery Barn version, I came across yours, which are very similar but much, much cheaper.

Why, dearest Target, is it that Pottery Barn can open several locations in the great white north, but you cannot. I realize there is a lot of department store competition, but they are no competition for you. Trust me.

Additionally, are you not a sister-company of our national Zellers chain? Please forgive me if this is not the case, I am just basing that statement off unverified sources. However, if this is the case, can you not add your wares to their locations? Or, *gasp* re-open the stores as Targets?

I know this is a bad time economically for any of this, Target, but please consider it for when the outlook is better. We don't live in igloos up here and we'd really appreciate your budget-friendly, design-saavy home selection as well as all of your other departments (clothes! shoes! Method cleaning products!) I haven't even been able to touch on in this already-lengthy letter.

In the meantime, I will continue to peruse your tease of a website in hopes of one day coming across a "Now in Canada" starburst or pop-up.

Yours very truly,
Target-less Canadian

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