Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Powder Room

Unfortunately I accomplished zero house stuff yesterday. Not because I was getting trashed on green beer or even really celebrating the Irish all that much. One of my very best friends from University was visiting and our other friend was "sick" yesterday to hang out. I booked the afternoon off and we just caught up. I was so nice and so fun, and I ended up forfeiting my ticket to the Sens game last night so I could spend some more time with them.

The (very slight) downside to that is that my Tuesday list has nothing crossed off of it. I was able, while popping home to pick up some shamrock cupcakes for my friends, to snap a few pics of our powder room though.

It's an incredibly small powder room-barely big enough to move around in. But, then again-you don't really need to move around all that much in a powder room, right? So we were able to more or less 'finish it for now' (hubs' and my term for good enough for a while) pretty quickly and pretty cheaply.

Some bathroom hardware (since there was none) and a shelf for above the toilet were purchased and a photo (after I painted the frame white), a plant, candle, reed diffuser and other odds and ends were moved there.

Pretty decent I'd say.

Clearly the accent colour in there is blue, all pulled from the Ikea print of an astranaut's view of earth. So eventually we'll paint it, but not for a long while.

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