Thursday, March 26, 2009

Review of 30 day list

Most of our 30-day list was completed yesterday, and hubs said everyone was really helpful and great.

He, himself was at a similar appointment as a trade earlier yesterday morning and actually saw some of the same trades come to work in our house. Kind of strange, but Ottawa's a surprisingly small city.
Anyways, here are the highlights:
1.) The stereo system: It is seriously cool. We have it in the family room, the dining room, our master bedroom and the ensuite bathroom. There are 2 speakers in each room that look like this:And each room has a control panel beside the light switch that looks like this:
The faceplates actually come with 4 different coloured plates you can choose from, but I definitely prefer the white.

So in each of those 4 rooms, you can select which source you want the surround to come from-ipod, CD player and we have the capacity to set up 2 more sources (probably 1 for the TV and maybe 1 for the radio?). And each room can be playing from whichever source you want it to-they can all be different at the exact same time. Seriously it's so neat and makes us feel so posh for having it (Despite it having *technically* been free!).

2.) The other highlight are definitely the cabinet doors:

Here's the picture I posted yesterday:And one taken last night with all the cabinet doors, handles and gables in place:

Aaah-it looks so much better and cleaner.

The other stuff wasn't huge and not worthy of a photo:

Exterior stuff still isn't completed, but again-that's because of weather.
Basement leaks have been remedied-it's because the builder had a heater blasting during the winter and it expanded some plumbing joints. They've been tightened and all is good.
Door screw covers were dropped off and hubs put them in and loved them.
Banister gouges were actually sanded, filled and re-stained. I'm surprised.
Bath tub gouge was filled and they found and filled a couple other nicks too.
Caulking was completed in our ensuite.
Bathroom fixtures are still MIA
Kitchen counter was supposed to have been re-affixed to the wall but it still looks shitty to me, so hubs is going to have to take matters into his own hands.

Overall, it was very positive and I'm pretty impressed with the trades.

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