Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Store Gush: Canadian Tire

I'm obsessed with shopping. There are too many stores that I can write raves about right now. Pier 1 last week, CT now, and a few more to come I think.

For any americans, you'll have no idea what this store is. Too bad for you.
I popped in this past Friday to pick up a shelf for the powder room (see last post). I'd looked at a few places and couldn't find one I liked, but hubs had told me that the Centrum location had a great decor and furniture section I should check out. And check it out I did.

I'd looked at their website and found this shelf from the Debbie Travis collection for $34.99:
It was more or less what I was looking for. A little simple, but the right size, colour and decent quality. So I headed over there. Fortunately, I found the shelf I ended up purchasing from the same Debbie Travis collection while I was there (there's no image online available):

Which I liked much more for that space. It was like crown moulding a bit and a perfect fit.

While there, I found some rugs, some other furniture, some window coverings and even some lighting that I liked. Along with, of course, loads of baskets and closet organization stuff (CT is great for both of those things). But...while weaving through the home aisles, I saw a wonderful display across the hall.

Method cleaning products.

If you read my blog-letter to Target, you may recall that one of the many reasons I crave Target is for their cleaning products. Method is eco friendly cleaning products, which I search out. Plus-as a frivolous bonus-they're packaging is totally cute. So I tossed a whack of Method products onto my growing pile. Added a doormat and another broom to the pile and beelined it out of there for risk of being drawn to something else.

Needless to say, it was a productive shopping trip and I think I may have found another regular.

If you're from the Ottawa area, though, and want to check it out-definitely go directly to the Centrum location. There's also a new big one on Carling that's probably a similar caliber, but don't waste your time in Bells Corners (sorry, guys)-it's nowhere near as good for home stuff and may turn you off their entire chain. If you're looking for automotive and more construction-y stuff, they're fine, but not pretty things.

Anyways, I need to stop falling for these stores. Our bank account can't take much more of it.

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