Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Even more baby steps

These baby steps are really adding up...or so you'd think.

Here are a few more glimpses of little things we've done here and there in an extremely gradual effort to get our home "done for now". A quick observation I've made while reviewing the photos, though, and a bit of a disclaimer: Everything that's put up on our walls photographs very, very plain and forlorn. I don't think they look so bare when I'm actually in the space. But then again---we're taking our sweet time filling up the space, so it could very well be a bit of bareness as well as bad photographs.

Regardless, here they are-don't judge me by my sparseness:

Our garage entry:
This is definitely the most used entryway for our home. It's pretty much the only one hubs and I use. Guests obviously use the front door, and if we're not driving, so do we. So we needed a little mirror here for our last-minute glances on our way out. This one is a find from the Third World Bazaar a couple years ago. We also picked up some nice hooks at HD last week which we'll screw to the bottom of this mirror for our keys.

One of the dining room walls:
Until I find an affordable mirror like the ones in yesterdays post, or a suitable alternative, we've decided to put up this Robert Bateman painting. It's a lovely houwewarming gift from our last home from hubs' dad and step mom. You can't tell, but it's a beautiful hand drawn jaguar. There will also likely be a shelf underneath it at somepoint in the future (not to mention the replacement of that bare lamp in favour of a chandelier if we ever agree on one we like):

Upstairs hallway:
On the wall between the 2 spare bedrooms is this little wall. I've always loved this frame (an engagement gift from my Godparents) but have never put it up. By the time I found (read: decided on) suitable photos, it was time to stage our house for selling, so I was minimizing the personal photos everywhere. Now it's a wonderful reminder of our wedding day and some of our favourite photos. Hubs and I aren't big with PDA's so we love that it's upstairs, so we can enjoy the memories and reminisce but it's not on display to anyone and everyone who enters our home. The quote in the middle says "All because two people fell in love". I love it:

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