Monday, March 23, 2009

The I want chronicles

Driven to Z Gallerie by This Young House and a link for some sconces, I had a look around and found a few things to add to my 'I want' list:

This fantastic white lamp:

This mirror sconce that I love! I have been looking everywhere for a large mirror like that! One would look fantastic in so many places in our house in dark wood, white or even black. I will continue to scour everywhere to find one-if you've seen one, please give me the dete's. In the meantime, I could also think of a few places for this sconce!

These fun paper weights. I could use a couple of these at home and at work, especially the blue one.

I've always been drawn to all things marine-life. In fact, in our old house, I had a starfish bathroom. It's been self-vetoed in the current house on account of being a bit too gimmick-y and, dare I say, tacky. In its place, this seahorse statue would be way too cute.

I need to stop following Sherry's links. That's all there is to it-they're dangerous!

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