Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Progress so far...

Originally posted: February 4, 2009

Since Friday's move, we've managed to get quite a bit done. Most of it was done on Saturday and Sunday, but we've gotten a little bit done both Monday and last night.

Many boxes were unpacked. You'll note this is the same shot that showed the wall of boxes after Day 1. It's since been unpacked and mostly put away:

(Oh, and another huge occurence is that both cats are now more or less roaming the house rather than hiding under our bed and hissing if you so much look their way.)

You'll also see above, and here, that our appliances have been delivered. We looove them:

The hubs spent hours installing my favourite addition to date, our garage door opener:

And our dining room has been cleared out quite a bit, allowing room to move furniture around and actually access the boxes we need stuff from:

My clothes are mostly unpacked, the ensuite is more or less organized, we got the appliance installation materials last night, so those should be done tonight, and, well, that's about it. That's a lot though, I think. It'll be a busy few weeks though, that's for sure.

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