Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So Close I can Taste it...

Originally Posted: October 28, 2008

We're SO close I'm almost afraid to put it in writing.

We had an open house weekend this past weekend. Saturday was a crappy day all around and my mother-in-law was generous enough to do the open house for us since I was doing testing and the hubs will admittedly be terrible at it. Since it was such a tremendously crappy day, not a single person came through. Boo-urns! Sunday was a much nicer day, and by all accounts a very successful open house. 5 "groups" ended up coming through. 1 visibly not interested, 3 appeared to be interested and 1 that ended up being a neighbour just curious and getting idea for her own place. For the love of Pete-get the crap outta my house and stop wasting my time!

So, clearly the point of this post is the 3 groups that appeared interested. Rewind to last weekend when we had a Sunday open house. It was decent, with 2 or 3 parties coming by (I get the open houses jumbled since we've had so many). One of the parties was a fairly young couple (mid-late twenties?) who seemed cool, had a friend a few doors down and seemed to like the place. No joke-I said to hubs during the open house recap that they seemed interested, I really liked them, I had an honest-to-goodness good feeling about them, and I kind of wanted them to have our house. It was strange, and stronger than most of my fruitless hopefulness. We'll call them the Molsons. Nothing came of them throughout the week, so I was a little disappointed. [Sidebar: there was another unit similar to ours that was listed and conditionally sold within that week, so I chalked it up to the Molsons jumping on the unit].

Low and behold---this past weekend's 3rd party through (2nd interested one) was The Molsons. Yay! I was sending off the 1st interested party (The Lindemans) when I saw the Molsons waiting outside my door. They mentioned they had an appointment with our neighbour for 3:00 for a showing, but they weren't answering. Lucky for me-come on in! So they came back to our place, started taking pics and I could overhear them visually placing their furniture. Double yay! Just as they were getting to leave, the doorbell rang, and another young couple came in (The Bacardi Breezers). Triple yay---proving interest in our unit! So they went on their merry way to our neighbour to check it out. As they left that unit, the Breezers were outside "having a moment" as it was later described to me and expressing their interest in our place.

Confused yet?

So the Molsons came back a 2nd time and were so very clearly interested in my house! They said the other unit didn't compare and they were pacing, asking loads of questions and even asked what the process would be if they wanted to put in an offer. Shit son, my heart nearly stopped.I sensed their apprehension, so gave them a copy of the negotiation worksheet to look at, answer some questions, or raise other important ones. They took it and decided to call their real estate agent friend that night. I kept my phone attached to me all night, all day yesterday and all of last night during dance lessons. Nothing. I get to work this morning and there's an e-mail from him asking to be updated on the status of our place as they're mulling over the decision. They're really interested in it and would hate for the opportunity to pass them as they're still deciding. I'm so happy!!!! I e-mail back saying that it's been our plan to try to the end of October then bump the price back up and enlist an agent. Hoping it doesn't put them off, I attached some resources I hope they'll find helpful.

OK--sorry for the novel, this was supposed to be a quick post.

I get a call back about an hour ago from him asking if they could come by Thursday night with a few others (his mother and such) and if all goes well, they may have something together for Friday. Lord have mercy I'm so excited I almost pissed myself.

I hope hope hope this works out and there's not much, if any, annoying negotiations. We're pretty much at our rock bottom price already, so I don't know what to do. I can't tell you how fantastic it would feel to not have to enlist an agent. To tell all those agents who've called reminding that FSBO's haven't had any success lately to suck it and that we beat the odds.

Send good vibes!!!! Please!!!!

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