Wednesday, March 25, 2009

'My Room' Progress

Progress is slow. And will continue to be so. This room just isn't a priority at this point.

However, there was one fun check off the list this past weekend!

I'd planned on repainting hubs' old Ikea lack shelves from their birch finish to a nice white. I did this, and even chronicled a nice little how to I was going to post here. Unfortunately, although not entirely surprising, by the end, I wasn't as patient, so they didn't turn out quite as wonderful as I'd planned. The first few steps were great-it was just the last coat of poly that I rushed and as a result, there are a couple drip marks and even some newsprint attached to some corners. Whoops! Oh well--nothing a bit of sanding and re-poly-ing can't fix. However, I'm in no rush to do that because frankly I'm sick of those shelves right now.

Unfortunately I didn't decide to vetoe them until hubs had already installed them in the spare bedroom. So there were some shelves to take down and some holes to patch and a husband rolling his eyes almost right out of his head.

So where I'd planned them to be has instead welcomed this:
I actually like it better but I didn't want to buy anything where we could instead re-use something we already had (maybe my subconscious made me screw up the repainting...hmmm).

Here it is right after hubs installed it:
You can see the holes where the old shelves were and hubs tried to cover in an effort to cut down his work. Sheesh-lazy bones! You'll also note the lovely 2x4 under the shelf. Turns out it's so darn heavy that we (meaning he) had to paint then screw this 2x4 into some studs to help support the shelving unit. No biggie-he even got all artistic and rounded the edges for me. I'm sure I can attach some hooks and such things to it for additional storage once I figure out how it'll be.

And here it is approximately 5 seconds later already filled:I'm going to have to figure out what to store there and what to display there because I grossly underestimated the amount of crafting crap I have, and there's about 2-3x the amount of stuff shown waiting in the wings to be sorted and organized. (Also--I assure you it's level despite what this photo may indicate, although I'm beginning to rethink if I'm level).

In the meantime-yay! Any progress is still progress I think and this is certainly a step in the right direction.

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